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Company: Duoguard Australia Pty Ltd
Services: Duoguard Australia provides Corrosion Control Solutions to enable increased design and service life of steel reinforced concrete infrastructure
Address: 7/7-9 Brough St
Springvale VIC 3171
Contact Details:
M: 0419 632 241
F: 1300 782 503
Brian Kaye
Website: http://www.duoguard.com.au
Member Since: 2019

Duoguard Australia Pty Ltd is a privately owned and operated Australian company established in 2011 to supply specialist corrosion control products for the protection of steel reinforced concrete structures.

Duoguard Australia is based in Melbourne Victoria and operates out of an established distribution warehouse in Springvale and has the capacity to provide quality and reliable logistical support to all Australian States, New Zealand and all other regions determined under our exclusive supply agreement.



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