Member Benefits

Benefits of ACRA corporate membership

  • Recognition as a leading company supporting ACRA's aim of "Setting the Standards in Concrete Repair"
  • Recognition as a company who upholds ACRA's Criteria for Acceptance as members, including Education and Training, Experience, Quality Systems, Commitment and Member Reviews
  • Use of ACRA membership in the promotion of a business
  • Searchable national directory on the ACRA website including a listing of local contacts in all states where the member has an office
  • Inclusion on tender lists
  • Referrals from other ACRA members
  • Company CV detailing specialties and competencies
  • Discounted rates for attendance at seminars
  • Eligibility to enter ACRA's Excellence Awards backed by strong publicity for those members who take home the trophies in four categories
  • Help to put those in need of concrete repair in touch with members who can provide them with the services required
  • Ongoing promotion of membership to strengthen its ranks throughout the nation
  • Professional marketing communications including strong advertising and publicity campaigns to support all these objectives
  • Further, the Association's insistence on high standards of entry into its ranks ensures all members that they will be held in high regard in their industry and among their clients. Members' deserved place among these ranks will, with increased acceptance by larger client bodies, secure their eligibility for projects whose management seeks assurance of industry best practice.

Benefits of ACRA individual membership

  • Recognition as an individual who supports ACRA’s aim of “Setting the Standards in Concrete Repair”
  • Discounted rates for attendance at seminars.
  • Discount on purchase price of publication “Guide to Concrete Repair & Protection.
  • Name displayed on the new Website.
  • Referrals from other ACRA members.
  • Complimentary attendance at Christmas drinks.

We wish to remind our individual members that there are specific rights only available to corporate members. It is not permitted for individual members to use membership of ACRA in the promotion of their business. To this end:

  • The ACRA logo may not be used on promotional material such as letterheads, business cards, on vehicles, documents, etc.
  • Individual members should identify themselves as an individual member of ACRA only when conducting business.

The benefits of corporate membership are available only to those that have passed the criteria for acceptance of membership and that have been duly elected as a corporate member by the ACRA board.
We encourage individual members that would see the benefit in promoting their business though the use of ACRA’s resources to apply for corporate membership. The cost of corporate membership has been set at $1,750 plus GST per fiscal year.
Individual members discovered to be using ACRA’s identity in the promotion of a business should kindly discontinue this practice. Failure to comply with this request may result in the board electing to have the membership revoked.

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