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This form is for asset owners and managers, academics, researchers, sole traders or small partnerships involved in concrete repair consulting or contracting and others for whom full corporate membership is not available or appropriate.

Note that individual memberships are held in the name of the individual nominated and, even though company names are to be made available to ACRA for its records, company names are not promulgated in any ACRA promotions or otherwise acknowledged by ACRA as corporate entities.

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Fill in the details below and lodge your application. Provided you have given your valid email address, you will get from ACRA an email confirming acceptance of your application. In due course, you will also be officially notified of your acceptance, and welcomed, as Individual Member of ACRA.

"Please consider this application for INDIVIDUAL membership with ACRA (ie, in the name of the individual stated herein) at a combined joining fee and first year's annual dues amounting to $275 excluding GST). I understand that the GST compoment of will be removed if I'm based outside Australia. My details are:"
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