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This form is for companies involved in concrete repair consulting, contracting, materials supply and equipment who wish to enjoy the benefits of full corporate membership with ACRA, which are detailed here.

(Note a separate form is available for asset owners and managers, academics, researchers, sole traders or small partnerships involved in concrete repair consulting or contracting and others for whom full corporate membership is not available or appropriate. Individual members are not acknowledged by ACRA as corporate entities in any of its promotions or listings and are not eligible for office.)

Fill in the details below and lodge your application. Provided you have given your valid email address, you will get confirmation that your application has been received by ACRA. You will then be contacted with instructions as to what written submissions ACRA requires from you in support of your application.

"Please consider my application for CORPORATE membership with ACRA (ie, in the name of the company stated herein) at a combined joining fee and first year's annual dues amounting to $1750.00 (excluding GST), which includes a hyperlink to my website:"
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The appropriate category of memberships for us is :  Consultant Contractor Materials Supplier
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