Repair How-To

The cause and severity of structural deterioration from steel corrosion dictates which remedial or repair system is most appropriate. 

Sound design and quality of workmanship throughout is vital in any repair process. 

In general, the choice of repair strategy or system will depend on a number of factors. Both technical and economic factors require careful analysis by experienced engineers. Due consideration should be given to material factors, ease of system application, appearance, structural serviceability and maintenance program after repair. 

Basic repair strategies based on model proposed by RILEM (1994)


Watch this page for expansion on this theme or refer to Chapter 6 of the Guide to Concrete Repair and Protection, whose content comprises:

  • Patch repair systems
       - Patch repair practice
       - Surface preparation — concrete
       - Finishing
       - Curing
       - Preparation of reinforcing steel
       - Repair procedures
       - Repair mortars
  • Moisture barrier systems
  • Protection by coating of steel reinforcement
  • Electrochemical systems
       - Application of a CP system
       - Application of an electrochemical re-alkalisation system
       - Application of a chloride extraction system
  • Crack repair
       - Crack filling
       - Crack sealing
       - Other processes
  • Quality assurance
       - Concrete patch repair
       - Post-repair degradation
  • Conclusion
  • Acknowledgement
  • Further reading
       - Standards

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