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Company: National Concrete Solutions
Services: Basement repair & waterproofing, Bridges & culverts requiring repair, Structures requiring chemical protection , Water treatment facilities, Marine structural repair, Pool repair, Repair of balconies, Rail Infrastructure repair, Parking decks, Reservoirs, Sewer Manhole repairs, Tunnels, including coatings and crack repair, Cementitious repair systems, Concrete admixtures, Epoxy repair, Waterproofing membranes, Geosynthetic clayliners, Joint Sealants, Floor coatings, Concrete protective coatings, Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Strengthening Systems, Crack repair, inc. Xypex crack repair systems, Crack Injection, Concrete spalling repair, Concrete cancer treatments, Construction joints, inc. concrete waterstops, Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Strengthening Systems
Address: 8/93 Burnside Rd
Stapylton QLD 4207
Contact Details:
T: 07 3442 4350
Craig Haughin
Member Since: 2011

NCS (National Concrete Solutions) are specialist concrete contractors in concrete repair, concrete waterproofing and concrete durability enhancement. NCS have a wealth of experience in concrete solutions for the commercial, industrial and civil sectors.

Their experienced team of applicators provide quality solutions for concrete repair, concrete waterproofing, durability admixtures, crack injection as well as surface repairs, surface coatings, and concrete corrosion repairs. NCS also specialise in the installation of waterstop applications, Geo-Synthetic Clay Liners (GCL) and roll on and spray on membrane systems.

For details of other NCS offices nationally goes to this web address.

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